9 Signs You Have Hard Water (And How To Fix It)

  Blakeslee and Son   Oct 19, 2016 0 Comments

About 85 percent of American homes are plagued by hard water. Seems like a high percent, right? But when you think about the fact that "hard" water is just groundwater that has percolated through limestone and picked up high concentrates of calcium and magnesium in the process, it doesn't seem like such an alarming statistic. 

However, hard water can cause a lot of damage to plumbing and appliances, so it's a good idea to keep an eye out for warning signs that your home has hard water. Some red flags can be:

  1. Water tastes off or smells strange. 

  2. A dramatic decrease in water pressure.

  3. Water does not seem to get hot. 

  4. Sinks and tubs have a lot of soap scum built up or rust colored stains. 

  5. Dishes come out of the dishwasher covered in spots and soap build-up. 

  6. Calcium and lime build-up on faucets.

  7. Even after showering, hair and skin do not feel clean.
  8. You develop itchy, irritated skin. 

  9. Clothes are not getting clean after washing or come out looking dingy.

If you looked at that list and thought, "Yeah, I have quite a few of those things happening in my home". It might be a good idea to take some measures to deal with hard water, such as: 

  • Adding non-precipitating water conditioner to your laundry to help trap some of the minerals in your water during the wash.
  • Buying a small ion exchange filter. Those are the gadgets that attach to your kitchen faucet or are part of the water pitchers that have built in filters.  
And the big fix, that can treat all the water in your home...

The most commonly used type of whole-home water softeners are ion-exchange or “cation exchange” units. 

If you have questions about the most effective way to deal with the hard water in your home and schedule a FREE water test, contact us today! 

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