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Top Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Your home is your castle, your pride and joy. You want it to serve your family's needs well for years to come and also retain its resale value. You want it to be a safe, comfortable place for guests and visitors. A key part of home maintenance is keeping your plumbing in great shape. While the services of a quality plumber may be required from time to time, there are a number of things you can do on your own to keep your plumbing functioning optimally. Here are the top plumbing maintenance tips you should be aware of -- and take care of an a regular basis:

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10 Steps for Basic Water Heater Maintenance

Every household relies on their water heater for many of the most basic and essential household activities: doing the laundry, washing dishes, general cleaning, and, of course taking hot showers and baths. Many of us take the hot water heater for granted, yet without it, life would be much harder.

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Water Woes? Try These Basic Plumbing Tips

Your plumbing represents one of the most underappreciated types of equipment in the home. When things go wrong, you are stuck. Your plumbing can cause a lot of problems for you, from a slow drain or a clogged disposal to a leaky water heater. With these tips, you will know what issues you may be able to resolve yourself and when you should call in the Grand Rapids plumbing experts at Blakeslee & Son for help.

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