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Improve Your Home's Air Quality This Winter

If you're worried about your family's health and the health of our environment, chances are that you're at least a little bit concerned about air pollution. But did you know that the hazards posed by car and truck exhaust, oil refineries, and other outside sources are actually less than the danger you might find in your own home?

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5 Reasons to Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up Today

Summer has already come to an end and fall is upon us, which means leisurely days of pruning rose bushes are quickly being replaced by necessary fall maintenance. We all know how cold it can get during those Michigan winters and you surely don't want to suffer the consequences of a home that's unprepared. But while you're cleaning gutters and putting away garden hoses, have you stopped to check on your furnace? When the temperatures are soaring in the summer, we can sometimes forget just how important our furnace is to us and frankly, it may be starting to feel a little neglected. Here are six great reasons your furnace most likely needs a tune-up before the next big chill.

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5 Ways to Prep Your Plumbing for the Fall Season

It's that time again, the upcoming season of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes and all varieties of colorful foliage. Are you thinking of how you can prep your Grand Rapids plumbing for the fall season? You should be. Cooler weather followed by typical Grand Rapids winter weather is right around the corner. Take the time to make these preventative measures in your home to avoid unnecessary wear and tear, such as with your water heater, throughout the cooler months. It's also the perfect opportunity to take stock of your home's plumbing works to check for signs of stress or damage.

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