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Do You Have a Go-To Grand Rapids Plumber?

Your plumbing is one of those things that will inevitably need attention from time to time. Certainly, a handy homeowner can fix many maintenance issues, but there’s something to be said for having a pro you can call when you have a major problem. There are a lot of plumbers in Rockford and Grand Rapids and you need to hire a reputable firm, but once you find a company you like, it’s worth it to consider them your go-to expert.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Why does my air conditioner smell bad?

Ever walk into your home after a super hot afternoon in the sun to find that your home is indeed cool, but smells awful? What is going on? The air conditioner is working but the entire house has a foul scent. Is it time to call in your local Grand Rapids air conditioning repairman? First things first, check the air vents to make sure the odor is coming from your air conditioning. Once confirmed, there are a number of reasons that could explain the problem.

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How to Check References for a Plumber

When it’s time to hire a plumber one of the first things you may do is go to Google and type “Grand Rapids plumber” into search bar. But before you start calling anyone, you should be ready to do a little research to make sure that the firm is one you should even consider hiring. Why is research important? To ensure that you bring in a reputable firm to minimize the risk of error and potential safety issues in your home.

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Can an Energy Efficient HVAC System Save Rockford Homeowners Money?

This is an HVAC question we hear frequently from Rockford homeowners and the answer is: yes you can. Although energy efficient solutions do have a higher price tag, there are loan programs, tax credits and rebates to help offset the cost.  Installing or replacing existing heating and cooling equipment improves your home’s energy consumption and will lower your utility bills.

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FAQ: When to hire a plumber and when to DIY?

Anytime something breaks or needs repair in your home the question of whether to tackle it on your own or call in a pro is a common one.  Many homeowners are equipped and able to handle simple issues such as a dripping faucet or clogged drain.  But there are also times where the temptation to save money can lead some to take on a task that is beyond their skill set.  A DIY repair done incorrectly can create a larger, more expensive problem than you had to begin with. Another danger is the potential for injury to yourself and your family.  We understand that deciphering which repairs require a pro may be difficult, so Blakeslee & Son prepared the following tips to help you know when to call a pro.

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Checking Your Home for Energy Efficiency

Homeowners should test the energy efficiency of their home on a regular basis to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment. A home energy audit can determine where and how you are losing energy in your home and identify ways for you to save money on your utility bills.

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