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Tips for an Energy Efficient Summer

The wait is over. The hottest months of the year have arrived in Rockford and our air conditioners are working overtime. It may seem impossible to actually save money on your energy bills at this time of year, but there are actually many things you can do to save energy during the summer. Most of these tips are very simple and require little effort.

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Plumbing Troubleshooting: What to Do About a Leaky Faucet

Rockford homeowners rejoice! It is possible to do your own plumbing troubleshooting when it comes to fixing a leaky faucet. With the right set of tools and instructions you can take care of that annoying drip pretty quickly.

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6 Resources for HOA Leaders and Members

If you live in a planned community or multi-unit development, chances are your community has an HOA. Your community HOA is responsible for establishing and enforcing rules and regulations for your neighborhood, managing a budget, and finding vendors to fulfill contracts on services such as heating and cooling or landscaping. It’s important for leaders and members to understand these responsibilities and to attend meetings as often as possible to stay up to speed with what’s happening in your neighborhood and to find out how those monthly, quarterly or annual dues you are paying are being spent.

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