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Ensuring Good Air Quality During Winter

Whether you have allergies, young children, or are just concerned about respiratory health, the air quality of your home should be a top priority. During the winter, keeping the air in your home fresh is much more of a challenge, because your windows and doors are consistently sealed against the cold. It is still possible to maintain a clean environment during the winter, but it means taking some extra precautions.

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More Winter Activities to Make the Most of Michigan

Last winter, we took some time to tell you about all the wonderful winter-related activities we get to take advantage of here in West Michigan. From sledding to snowshoeing, if you love winter activities you have no shortage of options here in the mitten state. But what about those of us who might not have a love for all the snow and cold? Well, don’t let the winter blues get you down, there are plenty of great indoor activities you can take advantage of that will keep you nice and warm while still providing a lot of fun and excitement.

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Maintenance is Key to Reliable Plumbing


As a homeowner, having reliable plumbing is one of the most desirable aspects of a home. In fact, some estimates indicate that your home's plumbing system makes up about 15% of your home's entire value. But how can you be sure that your plumbing works consistently throughout the year? The answer is simple: regular maintenance.

Keeping reading for more details on how to keep your Grand Rapids plumbing system in top shape.

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