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Why Choose Blakeslee & Son as Your Trusted Plumbers in West Michigan

In West Michigan, there are a lot of options when it comes to plumbing service providers. At Blakeslee & Son, we have the skills and expertise to handle both small household repairs and major emergency, renovation, or commercial projects. But what sets Blakeslee apart as the best and most trusted plumbers in West Michigan? There are a few key elements that differentiate us from the rest:

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Spring is Here! Is Your Home Ready?

With warmer weather upon us, there's never been a better time to make sure your HVAC system is performing to its fullest potential. A seasonal inspection should be performed on your HVAC system, and routine maintenance should be viewed as a necessity rather than an option.

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Why is my Furnace so Loud?

As heating systems grow older, they can begin to make strong noises. Unfortunately, those noises may be more than annoying – they could mean you need some costly repairs. Here's a closer look at some of the most common causes of furnace noises, as well as whether you can fix it yourself or if you need to call a professional HVAC contractor in Grand Rapids like Blakeslee & Son 

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Water Heaters: A Cost Comparison From Your Grand Rapids Plumbers


The home water heater is a critical, but unloved appliance in the home. It sits day after day, year after year, alone in the garage or utility closet firing off and cooling down water. However, it’s typically a catastrophic situation when people realize the water heater suddenly needs replacing.

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