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The New Homeowner's Guide to Home Systems

First-time homeowners have a lot to learn after signing the mortgage agreement. One of the highest priorities on the to-do list should be learning to understand the HVAC and plumbing systems in the new home, which means having all the necessary information to utilize warranties, including the related contacts. To help with this process, here are some tips on what to look out for and how to minimize costs when repairs are necessary.

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Tips From Your Rockford Plumbers: "How do I Unclog my Sink?"


For most of us, we don't want to call in a plumber unless we have to. Especially for all the DIY-ers out there, we know you prefer to use some elbow grease to get a common problem like a clogged sink resolved using a few good ol' tricks of the trade. At Blakeslee & Son, we want you to have the information you need to take on some of these pesky plumbing problems yourself without feeling like you have to call us in every time the sink starts to back up a bit.

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How Michigan Winters Impact Indoor Air Quality in Springtime

Although this winter was a little milder than a typical West Michigan winter, you probably still had the heat and fireplace working hard. Unfortunately, this also means that your home has become a breeding ground for air pollutants, which can harm your indoor air quality. In this blog post, you'll learn why air quality decreases during in the winter, and about the effects of poor air quality and the steps you can take to improve your air quality. Read on to learn more!

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Tips From Your Grand Rapids Plumbers: "Do I Need to Replace my Sump Pump?"

While no one looks forward to the cost of buying and installing a new sump pump, homeowners are all too aware of the much higher costs of water damage. If you’ve determined that you do need to replace your current sump pump, Grand Rapids plumbers can help you find the best model and the optimum placement for your house. The tricky part, of course, is figuring out if you can get by a little longer with your current model.

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