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What's Wrong With My Thermostat?

Used to regulate and control heat and cooling, thermostats, for the most part, are reliable instruments. However every once in a while, one can go rogue and instead of detecting the room temperature and activating the HVAC unit, simply do nothing at all. Rogue thermostats have been known to summon heat on a hot day or lower the temp when everyone is already shivering. If you are having a start-up problem, there are several simple measures you can take before calling for the Grand Rapid's heating and cooling experts at Blakeslee & Son.

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Tips From Your Grand Rapids Plumbers: How to Reuse Household Water

This time of year, Green Rapids plumbers like us are fielding all types of questions about how to conserve water. While using greywater is a concept many people have heard of, there's still some confusion as to what exactly constitutes greywater. But perhaps it is easiest to understand what greywater is, by ruling out what it is not.

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Your Spring Air Conditioning Checklist


Spring has finally arrived in West Michigan with an array of beautiful flowers and lush trees. Before you know it, summer will be underway.

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8 Money-Saving Plumbing Tips


If you've ever experienced any serious plumbing problems you know that it can be a costly situation. However, there are a lot of things a homeowner can do on the preventative side that will make a big difference and prolong the life of your home’s pipes.

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