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Grand Rapids Plumbing Tips: Understanding a Septic System

As much as we might not want to think about it, the water from our sinks and toilets has to go somewhere. In most cities, the liquid drains into a municipal sewer system. However, in more rural locations outside of Grand Rapids, the standard solution is a septic tank system. A septic tank works by using household wastewater that drains and eventually evaporates in a nearby drain field while any material that falls to the bottom of the tank gets dissolved by bacteria. As more water comes in, it forces the old water onto the field for dissolution.

Prior to 1992, tanks had no screen or baffle installed to make sure floating material didn’t drain out to a leech field area. A common problem would be blockage of the drain line, backing up the water and material back to a home. After 1992, a baffle was added to ensure liquid flow and blocked material passage. The addition of this screening reduced many problems, but regular pump outs of a septic tank are still needed to lower the content sludge level.

Drain or leech fields are the underground areas containing a network of pipes from the septic tank. The water pushed out of the tank goes into the drain pipe, causing the water to spread and evaporate. If the drain pipe or fiber piping gets plugged, that can stop up the tank system, eventually leading to tank system failure.

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Your Guide to Air Conditioning Cleaning

Most people assume their home air conditioning system will last for many years, and the typical average system can perform consistently for at least a decade. However, standards are based on factory testing, and regional differences can be huge. For example, an A/C system in Arizona is going to take a far greater beating and use demand than one in a home located here in Michigan. One action helps an A/C system last far longer than others, and that's regular air conditioning cleaning and maintenance.

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Defining The Need For Emergency Plumbing Services

Most of us know that after-hours plumbing service calls are not only inconvenient, but expensive. Most of us would also agree that we would rather wait and schedule an appointment than having to make that dreaded emergency call. But what are the events that do warrant picking up the phone right away? In this blog, we'll highlight emergency plumbing situations that need immediate attention and actionable procedures to help control the situation.

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The Complete Guide to Window Air Conditioner Installation

You may have noticed it's starting to get warmer outside, which might mean it's time to buy a window air conditioner. You can be sure that as soon as the temperature tops 90 degrees, people will be flocking to all the big box stores, depleting inventory quickly. And if you have one that's packed away in the basement from last summer, you'll need to brush up on the instructions to avoid any frustrating problems you may have had within the last year.

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