How a Whole Home Humidifier Helps You This Winter

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We've all seen them; the little table top humidifying units sold at big box stores. While they are great for making a single room more comfortable. They cannot compete with a whole house humidifier system, which provides hassle-free comfort all season long. This frees up your time otherwise wasted having to constantly monitor a portable system, making sure it is still running and hasn’t completely emptied its limited water tank!

Don't stop at a single room, get a whole house humidifier and improve your home's air quality everywhere. In addition to the increased comfort, a whole house humidifier also provides you with a host of health benefits too. Read on to find out what a whole home humidifier can do for your family this winter.


Make Your Home Feel More Comfortable

The recommended humidity level for your Midwestern home during the winter is 20 - 40%. Lower humidity levels are recommended when temperatures drop, but if your home feels uncomfortably dry this time of year, the answer is as simple as adding a whole house unit to your existing heating system. You also want to be cautious when adding too much humidity in winter as this can result in the formation of ice on windows, inside your walls and attic causing damage to your home’s insulation.

A whole home humidifier can help increase your home's comfort level by increasing air quality and decreasing many annoyances you may have not even realized were directly related to low humidity, like those pesky static-electric shocks you get when touching metal, someone else, or perhaps your cherished family pet!


Help Prevent Illness

While we humans aren't very fond of low-humidity environments, viruses love it and even thrive in it, YIKES! Which explains why spending a lot of time in dry, indoor environments during the winter increases your likelihood of catching the flu, a cold, and other respiratory ailments; especially with infants and senior citizens. Overly dry air can also cause health issues, including:

  1. Aggravation of existing sinus problems
  2. Worsen allergy and asthma symptoms
  3. Cause periodic nose bleeds

Stay healthy this winter by putting a little humidity back into your home!


Give Your Furnace a Helping Hand

Not only does a whole home humidifier provide additional comfort and health benefits, it’s also a great way to save money every year!  Just like higher humidity levels in the rainforest can make a person feel warmer than it is, a home that has proper humidity can feel warmer, so you can turn the thermostat down making your monthly utility bill drop in price too!

We don’t know anyone who likes paying extra on their bills, especially during the winter holiday season! 

And remember, these units can be added to your home’s existing heating systems just as easily as if it was installed when you had your furnace put in!


At Blakeslee & Son we carry Aprilaire, Lennox, and GeneralAire Elite Series Humidifiers. Each brand offers multiple models, each one specially tailored for the square footage of your home. Call Blakeslee & Son today to find out which model works best for you and be able to feel at home, within your home!


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