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3 Signs You Need a Water Softener

What happens when water travels through soil and rock, picking up small amounts of minerals, like calcium and magnesium, along the way? The answer is, hard water. It's a bad-tasting nuisance to 85% of homes in the United States, especially here in the Midwest.

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Traditional vs Tankless Water Heaters - Which is best for your home?

Carpet or wood? Granite or laminate counter-tops? Ceiling fans or no ceiling fans?

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Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter with a Whole Home Inspection

Cold West Michigan winters can be hard on pipes and plumbing, make sure your home's plumbing system is ready. There are a few simple things you can do yourself to help prevent any plumbing issues (like leaking or frozen pipes) this winter. You might consider:

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Blakeslee & Son's Whole Home Peak Performance Package

A furnace that won't kick on, a rattling AC unit and a leaking pipe. Aside from being a major inconvenience to the busy people among us, what do all of these common household issues have in common? 

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Grand Rapids Plumbing Tips: Understanding a Septic System

As much as we might not want to think about it, the water from our sinks and toilets has to go somewhere. In most cities, the liquid drains into a municipal sewer system. However, in more rural locations outside of Grand Rapids, the standard solution is a septic tank system. A septic tank works by using household wastewater that drains and eventually evaporates in a nearby drain field while any material that falls to the bottom of the tank gets dissolved by bacteria. As more water comes in, it forces the old water onto the field for dissolution.

Prior to 1992, tanks had no screen or baffle installed to make sure floating material didn’t drain out to a leech field area. A common problem would be blockage of the drain line, backing up the water and material back to a home. After 1992, a baffle was added to ensure liquid flow and blocked material passage. The addition of this screening reduced many problems, but regular pump outs of a septic tank are still needed to lower the content sludge level.

Drain or leech fields are the underground areas containing a network of pipes from the septic tank. The water pushed out of the tank goes into the drain pipe, causing the water to spread and evaporate. If the drain pipe or fiber piping gets plugged, that can stop up the tank system, eventually leading to tank system failure.

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The New Homeowner's Guide to Home Systems

First-time homeowners have a lot to learn after signing the mortgage agreement. One of the highest priorities on the to-do list should be learning to understand the HVAC and plumbing systems in the new home, which means having all the necessary information to utilize warranties, including the related contacts. To help with this process, here are some tips on what to look out for and how to minimize costs when repairs are necessary.

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Why Choose Blakeslee & Son as Your Trusted Plumbers in West Michigan

In West Michigan, there are a lot of options when it comes to plumbing service providers. At Blakeslee & Son, we have the skills and expertise to handle both small household repairs and major emergency, renovation, or commercial projects. But what sets Blakeslee apart as the best and most trusted plumbers in West Michigan? There are a few key elements that differentiate us from the rest:

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Helpful Tips From Your Grand Rapids Plumbers: Flush This, Not That

As your trusted Grand Rapids plumbers, we see this problem all the time: random items getting flushed down the toilet, resulting in clogged pipes. However, even more frequently, clogged pipes are the result of flushing items down the toilet thinking the item is flushable. Here’s a closer look at some of the things you should never flush and the reasons why you shouldn’t chance putting these items in the toilet.

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Maintenance is Key to Reliable Plumbing


As a homeowner, having reliable plumbing is one of the most desirable aspects of a home. In fact, some estimates indicate that your home's plumbing system makes up about 15% of your home's entire value. But how can you be sure that your plumbing works consistently throughout the year? The answer is simple: regular maintenance.

Keeping reading for more details on how to keep your Grand Rapids plumbing system in top shape.

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Mysterious Plumbing Leak? Check the Roof!


While getting a plumbing issue fixed in order to ensure the comfort of your family and the safety of your property is always top priority, quality plumbing experts should also take the time to get to the root cause of the problem. With leaks, this is not always as easy as tightening a nut or replacing a washer. In fact, your plumbing leak could be caused by your roof.

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